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How Does Chiropractic Affect Headaches?

Headaches can be….well, such a headache. According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches and of these, 28 million suffer from migraines. Headaches are not only unpleasant, but can also affect your mood, work performance and even interfere with being able to perform daily activities such as safely operating a vehicle.

Headaches can be caused by a multitude of things. Stress, lack of sleep, menstrual cycles, traumas, inadequate water intake, and countless other things can trigger them. Traditionally, headaches are treated with over the counter pain meds and in more severe cases with prescription medications. Although pharmaceuticals may in many cases relieve the headaches, they do have many side effects and only mask the underlying problem.

Chiropractic has been successfully utilized for decades in treating headaches. Chiropractors locate, analyze, and correct any misalignments in the neck that can be placing undue stress on the spinal cord and brain stem. Those misalignments, called vertebral subluxations, are often the underlying cause of headaches and migraines. The Medical Center at the University of Maryland found that 49% of patients under chiropractic care saw a significant reduction in migraine symptoms and 22% of them noticed a 90% reduction in frequency. Researchers also concluded that chiropractic adjustments were as effective in relieving migraines as the prescription drug Elavil, without the side effects!

Don’t suffer any more. Talk to your chiropractor to find out if chiropractic care can increase your quality of life.


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