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  Here is what our patients are saying:


I am very happy to have found Dr. Greg. Honestly, I have always felt a little afraid of going to a chiropractor but a good friend recommended this clinic to me and I wanted to try it. Dr. Greg is very attentive and explains everything in great detail so that the therapy has the best effect. Highly recommended 👌.


A very family friendly atmosphere! They have a very personal approach and always make you feel welcome. I highly recommend them!


Awesome chiropractor! He treats you according to your issues. Not a one size fits all. Very happy I found Dr. Greg. Great payment plans that are affordable. Friendly office as well.


Always smiles when you walk in the door from Erin and Dr. Greg. I was terrified to go to a chiropractor, my mother in law told me to come here. I was in a ton of pain first walking in. Dr. Greg was so nice, walked me through the issues I was having. When giving you an adjustment he tells you what he's doing and is gentle. Guy knows his stuff. I'm in like no pain, back to all my normal activities now. I hope I have a chiropractor for life. Also, open areas if your uncomfortable with closed rooms, all rooms are open. This office, really is one of a kind. If you are looking for a chiropractor definitely give this place a try.


I honestly can’t recommend Dr. Greg enough. I’ve been searching for a great chiropractor for a few years now after moving away from the one I went to for over a decade, and I’m so glad I found this office. Dr. Greg is friendly, professional, and makes each visit memorable. His adjustments are thorough and have made such a noticeable improvement in my well being. Your search is over!

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